Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fall in Virginia and seasons

                                                    Fall is here in Virginia in a big way... so many dreamy strolls down fairy tale country roads, the fall colors bringing God's creative inklings into warm, heart-hugging focus. I like to decorate big time for fall, outside, but really inside! I pray where you live you are appreciating this time of year.

Speaking of seasons, maybe this is a beautiful, warm, rich, lovely spirit season. You have just come out of a trial or dry spell, or God has been showing you many new things - molding your 'clay pot' - and you can see the beautiful, new lines and creative details. Maybe this is a hard season, where your clay pieces are smashed on the ground and it hurts as God is slowly but surely putting you back together. I am reminded (as this is the season I am in), that He is always at work, and ALWAYS up to something good. Always. So many verses of His faithfulness, sovereignty, LOVE, and perfect devotion - I will have to add a few - but His word is TRUTH (remember - Jesus is THE WORD), and we are here for His glory - He will beautifully create through molding, cutting, reshaping - all to be those wondrous instruments to fufill His purposes! Yes, YOU are a one of a kind tool that is being shaped for His glory!
The beauty of this season for me is the way God has the trees die back (and are glorious in their death - hmmm, sounds familiar) so they may be all the more beautiful in the spring as they come back to life.

You are becoming more and more beautiful in Him.
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Fall, Baby!

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