Friday, October 14, 2011

Welcome, dear woman!

I move out onto this new, seemingly endless landscape of blogs - hoping to love on you as you stop by. I truly want this to be a place where I am sharing God's word (His Word = TRUTH!) by encouraging you, passing on to you God's grace in abundance, and exhorting you to carry on when the days seem nutty and you feel truly like you cannot go on. I know that there are MANY places you can go on this here 'blogworld', and, quite frankly, I have been a bit intimidated by all the really witty, creative, wonderful women who do this and are SO gifted! BUT, I do feel led just to do what my Daddy (our God) I feel is nudging me to do! Sooo, I am just going to do this - whether 2 or 20 come by! It AIN'T about me, precious women...:)

I LOVE God and my family and green and decorating, and will tell you how this came to be called 'the Cottage of Content' soon...

Blessings ABOUND to you - may you know without a doubt how precious you are in your Savior's eyes!

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